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„After myocardial infarction, it is an emotional up and down. I do not know anymore what I can physically do and what my heart is able to endure.“

Peter, 63 years old, myocardial infarction in June 2019



The psychosocial dimension of cardiac rehabilitation

After a heart attack, patients often suffer from a loss of confidence, which can lead to decreased activity and thus slower cardiac recovery. Combined with a lack of motivation and inconsistent adherence to the therapy program, this leads to a poor outcome or an increased risk of another cardiac event. In traditional rehabilitation programs, the psychosocial dimension of recovery is often neglected. When it is addressed, it is not in conjunction with therapy, but separately - and thus not sustainably. 


At Carity, we believe that integrating the psychosocial dimension greatly increases motivation, self-confidence and adherence to therapy - and thus the chances of rapid and comprehensive rehabilitation after a heart attack.



Adjunct coach for cardiac rehabilitation

Carity is a digital health application that provides comprehensive support for heart patients during and after rehabilitation. The digital therapy coach strengthens self-confidence and motivation and thus helps to achieve personal therapy goals and improve cardiac performance in the long term.


Carity uses the principles of self-determination theory to help patients - both during and after their rehabilitation program - achieve better results. By regularly monitoring health status, Carity reduces fears of relapse, and provides a motivational display of patients' progress. Based on the assessment of health, performance and mood, patients are gently guided to complete their exercises and tasks from the rehabilitation program. Last but not least, Carity enhances well-being by enabling patients to stay in permanent contact with the professionals treating them and their personal environment.




Feels insecure when not at centre. Has lost confidence in his heart and fears another event. Would like to have the same life as before.


Our valued Helpmates


„I think that I should be more active, but sometimes you are simply not in the mood for it. Ideally, one should be exercising for his heart every day."

Judith, 73 year old, myocardial infarction in April 2018


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