We are a dynamic and experienced team of entrepreneurs and scientific fellows applying digital health solutions for specific and unmet needs in focused cardiovascular therapeutic areas. With such an approach we aim at achieving a significant impact on the improvement of long-term health outcomes combined with a sustainable reduction of economical burden.



Technology Advisor

Herbert is a passionate electrical engineer and former CTO of Phonak / Sonova AG. He is expert of complex systems and leading-edge technologies with focus on sensors, signal processing and wireless communication. He is active for 10 years as board member and coach of several start-up companies.

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UI/UX Designer

Karina is a User Experience Designer with a background in psychology and special education. During her career, she was involved in multiple volunteer and NGO projects. Driven by curiosity & innovation Karina aims to deliver solutions with significant impact on quality of life and a better world. Her top three design values are Accessibility, Sustainability & Ethics.



Co-founder // CEO

Frédéric has 15+ years experience in Pharma and medical devices with the establishment of a cardiovascular drug portfolio and related product setup, approval and market launch. He managed various development programs for drug injection systems, and eventually led an organization for product innovation and related IP management.



Medical Advisor

Shirin is an American board certified Internal Medicine Physician and a Harvard Medical School residency program graduate. She has extensive experience and publications in medical education, quality improvement, medical humanities, and clinical research in immunology. She is also an advisory board member of Anhad India, a non-profit organization for equitable health care delivery in rural India


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Software Developer

Felix is a software engineer passionate on improving peoples live thanks to the technology. Which made him work in robotics, IoT and mobile devices. In his spare time, he loves to try new technologies and think of ways on how they can be useful while staying always nearby the beach just to have some relaxing moments.

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Co-founder // CTO

Aliaksei is a software engineer in heart and by training. In his PhD work theoretical computer science topics were in focus, while industrial experience was deeply practical — MedTech, digital health and patient journeys. He has worked with Sonova and BrightInsight for 10 years on cloud platforms and SaMD products ranging throughout all safety classes.



Medical Advisor

Fabian is an award-winning comedian and entrepreneur with a strong passion for innovation. As a doctor he helped fight coronavirus working in an emergency room at the height of the pandemic. He is an advisor to a handful of start-ups and cofounder of Swiss Healthcare Startups. He has three rabbits.



Software Consultant

Adam is a software engineer and airline pilot. Combining 15 years in aviation with his passion for Agile Software Development - a subject which he studied formally at Harvard University - he has a particular interest in human factors & high performance teams. When he’s not flying or coding, you can usually find him enjoying good coffee and hanging out with his dog Nala.