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Why Heart Disease Also Affects The Psyche

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Jan 23, 2022

News Media "Die Ostschweiz" has interviewed Frédéric Gabriel, co-founder and CEO of Carity, about how Carity's solution helps cardiac patients in rehabilitation

Heart disease usually takes the person affected right out of life. Nothing is the way it used to be. This is precisely where Carity's app comes in. In an interview in the News Media Die Ostschweiz, Frédéric Gabriel explains why mental health also plays a crucial role.

Follow the link to read the full interview.

About Carity. Carity is a digital coach and therapeutics actively used during cardiac rehabilitation and smoothly accompanying the patient after rehabilitation. Carity gives confidence back to patients and keeps them motivated to achieve their personal therapy goals and long-term cardiovascular health improvement. Carity combines ease of use, clinical practice, and therapeutic advice. By translating collected real-world data into personalized goals and coaching advice, considering the psychosocial status of the patient, Carity achieves a new level of patient engagement and therapy adherence.

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