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Welcome Carity!

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Jul 20, 2021

A new Startup on a mission to reduce secondary cardiac events is born

The founders of Evoleen AG together with Frédéric Gabriel, Michael Häberli and Dr. Alexander Duschau-Wicke, are pleased to announce the formation of Carity AG. Carity AG aims to support patients with heart disease during and after rehabilitation and to help them reduce their risk of a secondary cardiac event.

The start-up was made possible thanks to the commitment of several angel investors. With the planned seed funding round, Carity will be able to accelerate the development of its unique solution and bring it to patients through initial field testing and a first pilot clinical trial. Stay tuned!

About Carity. Carity is a digital coach and therapeutics actively used during cardiac rehabilitation and smoothly accompanying the patient after rehabilitation. Carity gives confidence back to patients and keeps them motivated to achieve their personal therapy goals and long-term cardiovascular health improvement. Carity combines ease of use, clinical practice, and therapeutic advice. By translating collected real-world data into personalized goals and coaching advice, considering the psychosocial status of the patient, Carity achieves a new level of patient engagement and therapy adherence.

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