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Carity welcomes Nicole Furrer to drive and advance its Business Development

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Aug 14, 2023

Carity is pleased to welcome Nicole Furrer as its Head of Business Development and Sales

Carity is pleased to welcome Nicole Furrer as its Head of Business Development and Sales. Carity is on its way to get a first medical device version certified and plans to launch it initially in Switzerland. With Nicole on board, Carity is consequently fostering and strengthening its product launch activities, enabling an active business model iteration and refinement as well preparing the field for future expansion beyond Switzerland.

Nicole brings a broad experience in Pharma and Medical Device sales, marketing and commercialization with Pfizer, Eli Lilly and latest with Novartis in the fields of respiratory and immunology, and previously cardiology and diabetology. Her strong network within clinics and practices and more generally medical community is a great complement for Carity. Nicole has obtained a degree as Pharmaceutical specialist, adding further skills and education in product management, marketing, and multichannel communication.

The Carity Team is very pleased and proud having Nicole on board and looks forward to a fruitful, productive, and fun collaboration to enable an initial business take off. Best of luck Nicole!

About Carity. With several million cardiac events, such as heart attacks, in Europe per year, cardiac rehabilitation is an essential need. However, affected patients face a highly fragmented patient journey without unique throughout follow-up. To resolve these challenges, Carity develops a digital health application used by patients during and after cardiac rehabilitation accompanying patients until personal heart recovery goals are reached. Carity is connected to validated wearable devices, enables the patients’ psychocardiological monitoring and coaching. Carity’s intervention is aimed at increasing the patient’s motivation, engagement and reducing the risk of secondary events.

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