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Carity Receives Sponsorship From Startfeld

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Aug 10, 2021

Startfeld, a foundation supporting Startups and innovation in Eastern Switzerland, supports Carity

Carity is pleased to receive a sponsorship package from Startfeld, a foundation with its own innovation center that supports innovative startups in eastern Switzerland. Startfeld's expert panel is convinced of Carity's solution and therefore decided to support it through sponsorship.

With this sponsorship, Carity will receive expert input to support the research and development of its first solution to increase motivation and confidence of patients with acute myocardial infarction during and after cardiac rehabilitation.

In addition, Carity will benefit from Startfeld's supportive environment and network.

More information:

About Carity. Carity is a digital coach and therapeutics actively used during cardiac rehabilitation and smoothly accompanying the patient after rehabilitation. Carity gives confidence back to patients and keeps them motivated to achieve their personal therapy goals and long-term cardiovascular health improvement. Carity combines ease of use, clinical practice, and therapeutic advice. By translating collected real-world data into personalized goals and coaching advice, considering the psychosocial status of the patient, Carity achieves a new level of patient engagement and therapy adherence.

About Startfeld. Startfeld is a network for innovation and startups around Säntis, founded in 2010 by the University of St. Gallen, the University of Applied Sciences St. Gallen, the Empa Institute, the City of St. Gallen and the St. Galler Kantonalbank. Startfeld consists of three units: The Startfeld association accompanies and supports startups in their initial phase, the Startfeld Foundation facilitates financing, and the Startfeld Innovation Center provides office space and infrastructure for the incubation of startups. Carity has been part of the Startfeld Foundation's funding program since August 2021 and, in addition to dedicated support, also benefits from the broad Startfeld network.

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