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Carity receives grant from Innosuisse supporting research collaboration with ZHAW

St. Gallen and Winterthur, Switzerland

Jul 2, 2023

Carity and ZHAW start a research collaboration to better understand the needs and requirements of healthcare providers offering services during cardiac rehabilitation.

Carity is pleased to receive an Innovation Cheque grant from the Swiss Innovation Agency, Innosuisse, supporting innovative research work to enhance its product offering for healthcare providers. Carity has partnered with ZHAW, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, to collaborate on the research work.

With an increased focus on healthcare digitalization, implementation of value-based health becomes of a cornerstone for supporting providers to optimize processes, reduce resources bottleneck and improve the quality of care. For this, the Innovation Cheque affords unbiased insights, validated features, and actionable guidance for Carity’s product development and providers’ engagement.

As product development and management expert with a Switzerland-wide network in the health domain and strong track-record of digital health projects ZHAW has ideal capabilities for a successful project. Carity is proud and thankful to work with ZHAW, supported by Innosuisse.

About Carity. With several million cardiac events, such as heart attacks, in Europe per year, cardiac rehabilitation is an essential need. However, affected patients face a highly fragmented patient journey without unique throughout follow-up. To resolve these challenges, Carity develops a digital health application used by patients during and after cardiac rehabilitation accompanying patients until personal heart recovery goals are reached. Carity is connected to validated wearable devices, enables the patients’ psychocardiological monitoring and coaching. Carity’s intervention is aimed at increasing the patient’s motivation, engagement and reducing the risk of secondary events.

About ZHAW. The ZHAW is one of the leading universities of applied sciences in Switzerland. It offers teaching, research, continuing education, and other services that are both practice-oriented and science-based. Research & development at the ZHAW focuses on key societal challenges, with a particular emphasis on energy and societal integration. With its expertise in sustainable development and digital transformation, the ZHAW imparts forward-looking knowledge and takes an active part in shaping the digital and ecological transformation. With locations in Winterthur, Zurich and Wädenswil, the ZHAW is firmly anchored in its region whilst collaborating with international partners.

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