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Carity Completes its First Usability Study

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Mar 30, 2022

Carity has tested for the first time its first MVP prototype with patients

Carity is proud to announce the successful completion of a first usability study testing its first MVP prototype. Such study is an important step in the development journey to ensure that the defined product is usable, provides an intuitive and understandable navigation and interface and is an occasion to test the general concept and purpose with dedicated users.

The MVP was tested with 9 patients, all having experienced a cardiac condition and most of them having participated to a cardiac rehabilitation. Besides confirming acceptance and checking the interface and navigation, it was an important moment to further understand the patient's perspective and determine possible future useful features.

Thanks to these results, Carity will iterate its prototype to a more mature version which will be beta-tested in another usability study on the field and over a longer period of time. Such usability study will be done in partnership with a first interested cardiac rehabilitation center and is intended to start by mid-2022.

About Carity. Carity is a digital coach and therapeutics actively used during cardiac rehabilitation and smoothly accompanying the patient after rehabilitation. Carity gives confidence back to patients and keeps them motivated to achieve their personal therapy goals and long-term cardiovascular health improvement. Carity combines ease of use, clinical practice, and therapeutic advice. By translating collected real-world data into personalized goals and coaching advice, considering the psychosocial status of the patient, Carity achieves a new level of patient engagement and therapy adherence.

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